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Alistair McCabe

Alistair is the son of a missionary and was born in Dr Graham's Homes in Kalimpong. After graduating as a Social Worker, Alistair's first job was with the Church of Scot beside the Sea of Galilee which led to a period managing Inter Church Travel. Almost 30 years ago he founded McCabe Pilgrimages. Alistair is Managing Director and has most recently been responsible for providing and executing an extensive Oberammergau Passion Play programme for the third time.

Rosemary Nutt

Rosemary is the other working Director of McCabe and shares the running of the company with Alistair. Rosemary is a music graduate and has a background in pilgrimage as her father was a Director of Inter Church Travel when Alistair was an employee. Rosemary has been with the company 20 years and as well as being responsible for our Operations and Accounts, is our expert on Italy with a great love for the less frequented destinations of Armenia, Georgia and Russia.

Lynne McCabe

Lynne has a degree in French Studies from the University of Warwick. She has worked in the travel industry for over twenty years, mostly in tour operating to Middle Eastern destinations (Classic Tours/British Museum Tours, Orientours) but also in the PR and marketing side of the industry (Destination Marketing, First Public Relations). Since 2000, she has combined working at McCabe Pilgrimages with raising a family and has been involved in the business on a part-time basis. She is now working full-time alongside Andy Webster developing pilgrimage itineraries with group organisers.


Letty Butler

has a degree in Politics and Sociology from Staffordshire University and began her working career in Nazareth, working with McCabe's favourite coach company. When Letty moved to London, it was only natural she should join McCabe!

Nada Nashashibi

has a degree in Graphic Communications from Wolverhampton University and is responsible amongst her other duties for this website! Nada's father, Fahmi, is the manager of the Golden Walls hotel, the McCabe base in Jerusalem.

Rachel Simpson 

has a degree in Sociology from Kingston University, and has worked in travel all her life. She joined the company as part of the Oberammergau team, and now works in Operations alongside Rosemary.

Ryan Hixson

has a diploma in Music from City College Norwich, and has spent a number of years working in travel for a Norfolk based company before moving to London and joining McCabe.

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